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03-06-2017 - Away - TVL - Boyne Hill vs Finch

Boyne Hill Blues

Finch lost a crucial toss away at Boyne Hill and were asked to take the field. After a steady opening 10 overs Boyne Hill opened their shoulders and started to score freely punishing most loose deliveries. With a good looking early LBW decision being turned down by the umpire on the Hill overseas Finch seemed to be out of luck. The Australian battered finch to all parts with none of the finch attack being able to contain his strokeplay. One of the best innings you will see in league cricket ended with him being caught in the infield for a wonderful 174. The lower order of Boyne Hill also scored freely against a tired Finch team taking them to 384 for 7 in their allotted 50 overs. After losing Russell Lane early, Simon Bell and Sam Jenkins looked to score quickly but with none of the top batsmen going on to make a big score Finch were never really in the chase and were eventually bowled out for 191 for 10 in 38 overs. Finch host Cookham Dean next week in the first of the timed games hoping to get the first win under their belts.


Boyne Hill won the toss and elected to bat
Finchampstead CC Scored 191 for 10 in 38
Boyne Hill Scored 384 for 7 in 50

Player Performance - Batsmen

PlayerHow outRunsCatchStump
Simon BellCaught 2300
Tommy PredgenCaught 1810
Dylan AugustusNot Out 210
Sam JenkinsCaught 1900
Matt BellRun Out 110
James EagleshamCaught 2310
James WoodfordCaught 2700
Russell LaneCaught 100
Oli CrossCaught 000
Ed OliverCaught 2310
Andy LazenburyBowled 3600

Player Performance - Bowlers

Dylan Augustus9 0492
Sam Jenkins6 0410
Matt Bell10 2741
James Eaglesham5 0390
James Woodford10 1701
Andy Lazenbury10 0973

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